Goddess Sekhmet:

Myth and Origins
In ancient Egyptian mythology, Seshat, whose name means "Female Scribe," was revered as the Mistress of the House of Books and the Patroness of Libraries. She was often depicted as a woman wearing a leopard skin dress, donning a headdress with a seven-pointed star, and holding a palm stem, representing both her role as a record-keeper and her connection to the concept of time.

Seshat's origins can be traced back to the earliest periods of Egyptian history, where she was believed to be the daughter of Thoth, the god of wisdom, and Ma'at, the goddess of truth and justice. As the consort of Thoth, she played a crucial role in the maintenance of cosmic order and the recording of the deeds of humanity.

Symbols and Attributes:
Seshat's symbols are deeply symbolic and reflect her multifaceted nature:

Seven-pointed Star: This symbolizes the seven channels of the Nile River and is associated with creation and cosmic harmony.

Leopard Skin Dress: Represents her connection to the primal forces of nature and her role as a protector.

Palm Stem: Symbolizes the concept of time and measurement, as well as the recording of historical events.

Feminine Archetype:
As a feminine archetype, Seshat embodies the qualities of wisdom, intuition, and creativity. She is a reminder of the power of the written word and the importance of preserving knowledge for future generations. Seshat's presence inspires us to embrace our own innate wisdom and to trust in our ability to create and manifest our desires.

One of Seshat's prominent roles in ancient Egyptian mythology was her association with measurement and architecture. She was often depicted alongside the Pharaoh during the foundation rituals of temples and cities, where she would ceremoniously mark the boundaries and measure the dimensions of the sacred spaces. In this aspect, Seshat was seen as a divine architect, guiding the construction of temples and ensuring their alignment with cosmic order.

Lessons for Modern Times:
The lessons we can learn from Goddess Seshat are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago:

Embrace Wisdom: Seshat reminds us to seek wisdom in all its forms, whether through study, introspection, or life experience. By cultivating wisdom, we empower ourselves to make informed decisions and navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.

Honor Creativity: Just as Seshat was revered for her role in the creative process, we are reminded to honor our own creative impulses and to nurture our talents and passions.

Record Your Story: In a world that is constantly changing, Seshat teaches us the importance of recording our stories and preserving our cultural heritage for future generations. Whether through writing, art, or oral tradition, we have the power to shape the narrative of our lives and leave a lasting legacy.

Keeper of Cosmic Order:
As the daughter of Thoth, the god of wisdom, Seshat played a crucial role in maintaining Ma'at, the principle of truth, justice, and cosmic balance in Egyptian cosmology. She was responsible for recording the deeds of humanity and assessing their adherence to Ma'at. In this capacity, Seshat was not only a scribe but also a guardian of cosmic harmony, ensuring that the universe remained in balance.

Symbolism in Art and Iconography:
The depictions of Seshat in ancient Egyptian art offer valuable insights into her symbolism and significance. 

Seshat in Ritual and Worship:
Priests and scribes would invoke her blessings before embarking on important projects or endeavors, seeking her guidance and assistance in matters of wisdom and creativity.

Modern Reverence and Interpretations:
While the worship of ancient Egyptian deities has waned over the millennia, Seshat's legacy endures in contemporary culture, albeit in different forms. Scholars, artists, and spiritual practitioners continue to study and interpret her myths, symbols, and teachings, finding inspiration in her embodiment of wisdom, creativity, and feminine power.

In modern interpretations, Seshat is often revered as a muse for writers, artists, and scholars, guiding them in their creative pursuits and inspiring them to seek truth and knowledge. Her image and symbolism have also been adopted by various esoteric traditions, where she is invoked for guidance in matters of magic, divination, and spiritual enlightenment.

Goddess Seshat's influence extends far beyond the sands of ancient Egypt, reaching into the depths of human consciousness and creativity. As we continue to explore her myths, symbols, and teachings, may we draw inspiration from her timeless wisdom and embrace the power of the written word, the pursuit of knowledge, and the preservation of truth in our own lives and endeavors.



Daily Intention

Today, I align with the wisdom and creative power of Seshat.

I embrace the role of the scribe, recording my thoughts, experiences, and aspirations with clarity and intention.

I honor the sacredness of time and measurement, recognizing each moment as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

I call upon Seshat's guidance to align my actions with cosmic order, striving to uphold truth, justice, and balance in all that I do.

May I be inspired by Seshat's boundless creativity and resourcefulness, tapping into my own innate talents and abilities to manifest my highest aspirations.

As I journey through this day, may I embody the qualities of wisdom, creativity, and grace, knowing that I am supported by the timeless wisdom of Goddess Seshat.

So mote it be.

Visualization Exercise 

Journey with Seshat

Prepare for the Visualization: Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Sit or lie down in a relaxed position, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

Invocation of Seshat: Begin by invoking the presence of Goddess Seshat. Envision a radiant light surrounding you, shimmering with the colors of ancient Egypt. Call upon Seshat to join you on this journey, inviting her wisdom and guidance to illuminate your path.

Enter the Sacred Library: Visualize yourself standing at the entrance of a vast and ancient library, filled with shelves of golden scrolls and illuminated manuscripts. As you step inside, feel the air crackle with the energy of knowledge and wisdom.

Encounter with Seshat: In the center of the library, you see a figure cloaked in starlight, adorned with a leopard skin dress and holding a palm stem. This is Goddess Seshat, the Mistress of the House of Books. Approach her with reverence and humility, feeling her presence envelop you in a warm embrace.

Exchange of Wisdom: Take a moment to connect with Seshat, expressing any questions, intentions, or desires you may have. Feel her gaze penetrating your soul, as she listens with compassion and understanding. Then, open yourself to receive her wisdom, allowing her to impart insights and guidance that resonate deeply within you.

Recording Your Truth: Seshat hands you a golden scroll and a quill, inviting you to record your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. As you write, feel the words flowing from your heart onto the parchment, guided by Seshat's presence. Know that each word you write carries the power to shape your reality and manifest your highest potential.

Gratitude and Farewell: Before you leave, take a moment to express gratitude to Goddess Seshat for her presence and guidance. Feel a sense of empowerment and clarity washing over you, as you carry her wisdom within your heart. Then, bid her farewell with reverence and love, knowing that she is always there to guide you on your journey.

Return to the Present: When you are ready, gently bring your awareness back to the present moment. Wiggle your fingers and toes, take a few deep breaths, and slowly open your eyes. Carry the insights and inspiration you received from Goddess Seshat with you as you navigate the rest of your day.

Closing: May the wisdom of Goddess Seshat continue to illuminate your path and empower you to embody the highest expressions of truth, creativity, and divine wisdom in your life.

Daily Ritual

In honor of Seshat:

Seshat's Wisdom Invocation

Materials Needed:

A small table or altar space
A white candle
A piece of paper or journal
A pen or quill
Optional: A small image or representation of Goddess Seshat

Set Up Your Sacred Space: Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus without distractions. Place the white candle on your table or altar space, along with the piece of paper or journal and pen.

Invocation of Seshat: Light the white candle, symbolizing the illumination of wisdom and truth. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself, and then invoke the presence of Goddess Seshat with the following words or your own heartfelt invocation:

"Goddess Seshat, Mistress of Wisdom and Keeper of Knowledge, I invite your presence into this sacred space. Guide me with your wisdom, inspire me with your creativity, and bless me with your clarity of vision. May your light illuminate my path as I journey through this day."

Reflect and Set Intentions: Take a few moments to reflect on your intentions for the day ahead. What wisdom do you seek? What creative endeavors do you wish to pursue? Write down your intentions on the piece of paper or journal, focusing on clarity and specificity.

Connect with Seshat's Energy: If you have a representation of Goddess Seshat, hold it in your hands and visualize her presence surrounding you with radiant light. Feel her energy infusing you with wisdom, creativity, and purpose.

Offerings and Gratitude: Offer a few words of gratitude to Goddess Seshat for her presence and guidance in your life. Express your appreciation for the wisdom and clarity she brings, and acknowledge her role as a source of inspiration and empowerment.

Closing: Snuff out the candle, symbolizing the end of the ritual. Take a moment to ground yourself and integrate the energy of the ritual into your being. Carry the intentions you set with you throughout the day, knowing that Goddess Seshat's wisdom and guidance are always available to you.

Additional Notes:

You can personalize this ritual by incorporating any additional elements or practices that resonate with you, such as meditation, visualization, or chanting.

Feel free to adapt the ritual to suit your schedule and preferences. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.

Consistency is key with rituals. Try to make this a regular practice, ideally at the same time each day, to deepen your connection with Goddess Seshat and her wisdom.

Invocation to Goddess Seshat:

Goddess Seshat, Mistress of Wisdom, Keeper of the Sacred Mysteries, I call upon you in this sacred hour, To guide me with your divine light, And awaken the depths of my soul.

With your seven-pointed star shining bright, Illuminate the path before me, Revealing the hidden truths that lie within, And guiding me towards clarity and understanding.

Oh Seshat, Patroness of Writers and Scribes, Bless my words with your grace, Infuse my thoughts with your wisdom, And grant me the courage to speak my truth.

As I stand before your sacred presence, I offer my heart and soul to your service, May your presence be felt in every word I write, And in every step I take upon my journey.

Goddess Seshat, I honor and invoke you, In the name of Ma'at, the eternal cosmic order, May your wisdom guide me, And your light shine brightly upon my path.

So mote it be.