Daily Learning

Goddess Iris:

 Iris is a captivating figure in Greek mythology, known as the personification of the rainbow and the messenger of the gods. She is the daughter of Thaumas (the personification of the wonders of the sea) and Electra (one of the Oceanids, nymphs of the ocean). Her name, Iris, actually means "rainbow" in Greek.

In Greek art, Iris is often depicted as a beautiful young woman with golden wings, symbolizing her swift movements as a messenger. She wears a colorful robe that mirrors the hues of the rainbow.

Iris is primarily known for her role as a messenger between the gods and humanity. She travels swiftly between the heavens and the Earth, delivering messages from the gods to mortals. Her most famous duty was carrying the commands of Zeus, the king of the gods, to other deities or to humans.

Moreover, Iris is also associated with the sea and the sky, as her parents were sea deities. She is sometimes depicted as having the ability to replenish the clouds with water from the sea, thus connecting her to rainbows which appear when sunlight refracts through water droplets in the air.

Though she doesn't have as many myths dedicated solely to her as some other gods and goddesses, Iris plays significant roles in various stories throughout Greek mythology, often acting as a supporting character facilitating communication between the divine and mortal realms.

Daily Intention

"Today, I embrace the role of messenger, sharing kindness, wisdom, and positivity wherever I go. Like Iris, I aim to bridge gaps, uplift spirits, and bring light to those around me. May my words and actions be a colorful reflection of empathy and understanding, connecting hearts and souls like the vibrant arcs of a rainbow.

 So mote it be.

Daily Visualization Exercise 

Goddess Iris:

Close your eyes and envision yourself standing on a gentle slope overlooking a vast, tranquil sea. The sky above is a canvas of shifting colors, transitioning seamlessly from the soft hues of dawn to the warm tones of midday. As you breathe in the salty breeze, you feel a sense of calmness washing over you.

Suddenly, a shimmering figure appears before you, radiant and graceful. It is Iris, the messenger of the gods, with her golden wings outstretched. She extends her hand towards you, inviting you to join her in flight.

With a sense of wonder, you take her hand and feel a surge of energy coursing through you. In an instant, you are lifted off the ground, soaring effortlessly into the sky alongside Iris. As you ascend higher and higher, you become enveloped in a spectrum of colors, each hue more vibrant than the last.

You glide through the sky, carried by the gentle currents of the wind. Below, the world unfolds like a tapestry, filled with beauty and possibility. With Iris by your side, you feel a deep connection to the universe and a profound sense of purpose.

Together, you journey across the heavens, spreading messages of hope, love, and harmony. With every beat of your wings, you leave behind a trail of light, illuminating the path for those who seek guidance and inspiration.

As the sun begins to set on the horizon, you slowly descend back to the earth, feeling renewed and invigorated by the experience. With a grateful heart, you bid farewell to Iris, knowing that her spirit will always guide you on your journey.

Take a moment to savor this visualization, allowing its imagery to inspire you as you embark on your day.

Daily Ritual

In honor of Iris:

 Creating a ritual to honor Iris, the messenger of the gods and the embodiment of the rainbow, can be a beautiful way to connect with her energy and seek guidance in your life. Here's a simple ritual you can perform:

Gather Materials:

1. A small bowl of water
2. A prism or crystal that refracts light
3. A candle (preferably in a color representing the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet)
4. Incense or essential oil blend with 5. floral or citrus scents
5. Paper and pen

Set the Scene:

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed.
Arrange the materials in front of you, creating a sacred space for your ritual.


Light the candle and the incense/oil, symbolizing the presence of Iris and the divine.
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.
Speak aloud or silently invoke Iris, calling upon her as the messenger of the gods and the embodiment of the rainbow. Express your gratitude for her presence and guidance.

Reflection and Intention Setting:

Take the paper and pen, and reflect on areas of your life where you seek clarity, guidance, or communication.
Write down your intentions, desires, or questions, framing them as messages you wish to send or receive.
Visualize Iris standing before you, ready to carry your messages to the divine realm.

Connection with the Elements:

Dip your fingers into the bowl of water, symbolizing the fluidity of communication and connection.
Hold the prism or crystal in your hands, allowing the light to refract and dance around you, representing the spectrum of possibilities and insights.

Offerings and Affirmations:

Offer a few words of affirmation or gratitude to Iris, expressing your willingness to receive her guidance and blessings.
If you have any offerings such as flowers or fruits, place them on your altar as tokens of appreciation.


Spend a few moments in quiet contemplation, allowing yourself to absorb the energy of the ritual and any insights that may arise.

When you feel ready, extinguish the candle and incense/oil, symbolizing the end of the ritual.

Express your thanks to Iris for her presence and guidance, knowing that she will continue to watch over you.

An invocation to Iris:

Oh, Iris, swift-winged messenger divine, bearer of messages from heaven's line, with hues of every color you do shine, guiding souls with your radiant sign.

Daughter of Thaumas, of ocean's deep,
and Electra, whose tears the clouds do keep, you bridge the realms where mortals and gods meet, with graceful flight and footsteps fleet.

In skies aglow with your celestial art,
You paint the heavens with your rainbow's arc, a bridge of hope, a promise from afar, leading seekers to the gates ajar.

Iris, we call upon your guiding light, to illuminate our paths through day and night, grant us wisdom, clarity, and sight, as we journey through life's changing flight.

Messenger of Zeus, with words so clear,
we ask for guidance, may your presence near, bring blessings, solace, and joy sincere, as we walk the paths that you make clear.

Oh, Iris, hear our humble plea, guide us with your grace eternally, with every color of the rainbow, set us free, to live in harmony and unity.

Hail, Iris, messenger divine, in your radiant presence, we entwine, with gratitude and reverence, we align, as we invoke your blessings, yours and mine.