Self Awareness Day 4: reflection

Jan 06, 2024

Navigating the Depths of Self-Awareness: a reflection on our journey thus far 

As we journey through life, the pursuit of self-awareness is an ongoing, transformative process. It's about peeling back layers, confronting truths, and celebrating our unique essence. In this blog, we delve into the core questions of "Who are you?", "What are your core values?", and "What activities bring you joy?". These questions are not just mere reflections; they are the pillars that shape our identity and guide our path.

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Who Are You?

This question goes beyond our names and roles. It's an exploration of our innermost being. To aid in this introspective journey, consider this journal prompt: "Describe yourself from the perspective of someone who knows you deeply." This exercise allows you to step outside yourself and see the qualities and quirks that define you. It's an opportunity to acknowledge your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between.

To dig deeper, reflect on how your self-perception has evolved over time. What experiences have shaped you? How have your thoughts and feelings about yourself changed, and why? This exploration can reveal growth and areas where you're still evolving.

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What Are Your Core Values?

Core values are the compass that guides our decisions and actions. They are deeply held beliefs that represent what is most important to us. To explore this, use the journal prompt: "What five values do I hold most dear, and how have they influenced my life choices?" This reflection helps solidify the values that resonate most deeply with you and provides insight into how they've steered your life's direction.

Further, consider situations where your values were challenged. How did you respond? This can highlight the strength of your convictions and areas where your values may be evolving.

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What Activities Do You Enjoy?

Understanding what brings us joy is crucial for a fulfilling life. The journal prompt here is: "List ten activities that make me happy, and note how I feel during and after each one." This reflection helps identify patterns or themes in the activities that bring you joy, which can be a guidepost for future pursuits.

To go deeper, assess how often you engage in these activities and what barriers exist to doing them more frequently. This can lead to insights about how you prioritize your time and what changes might be necessary to align your life more closely with your sources of happiness.

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Self-awareness is not a destination but a journey. It requires patience, honesty, and the willingness to confront both the light and dark within us. Through these reflections and journal prompts, we hope you find clarity, understanding, and a deeper connection to your true self. Remember, this journey is uniquely yours; embrace it with curiosity and an open heart.